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The olive tree is a blessed tree that thrives in the rocky and barren area of the Mediterranean. It produces fruit under adverse conditions of drought, strong winds and high temperatures, while its longevity and productivity has written the history of the Mediterranean peoples. The olive was enlightened, nourished, cured, crowned, groomed and identified with high ideals while inspiring the long-standing culture of the Eastern Mediterranean.

A symbol of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, peace, health, strength and beauty has been worshiped for thousands of years. It is a lively part of a heavy cultural heritage, with legends, traditions and religious rituals inherent to flowering, harvesting and production of olive oil.

Our olive tree has bequeathed an extremely complex bequest of values, prosperity and culture, which we have just recently been able to evaluate and defend.

The tree

The official name of evergreen olives is Olea Europea Sativa.

The domesticated olive tree originates from the eastern Mediterranean basin. It adapts to long-lasting dry and warm summers and shows extreme resistance at temperatures often reaching 0 ° C. The olive trees in their adult life are medium-sized trees. In some cases, the trees can reach even 10 meters. However, dwarfs-trees are also found for ornamental purposes.

In the Mediterranean area, the olive trees are blossoming at the end of Spring (from April to May) and the harvest starts from the end of November and ends in February for the more southern regions.

Certificate DIO ISO 22000:2005

Our company has received the certificate from the Organization for Safe Treatment of Food and complies with the regulations for bottling, standardization, storage and trade of olive oil.

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