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Stuffed Food with rice

Stuffed foods are often made from vegetables and stuffed with rice (many call them “orphans”) or meat or a mixture of the two (“married”). Sometimes seafood, such as squid or mussels, is used for stuffing, while rice is replaced with a hay or minced vegetables.
They are mainly cooked in the summer, as the vegetables are being matured at that time, and because it is a light food and it can be eaten comfortably in hot weather, like a hot or cold dish.
It’s one of the few foods that cold is tastier than when it’s hot! The stuffed food is cooked in other countries, such as Turkey and Lebanon.
4 tomatoes large, tight and mature
4 pumpkins
4 sweet peppers (or 4 aubergines)
1 bunch of parsley
8 cups of brown rice Carolina (calculate 1 cup of rice for each tomato / pepper / aubergine to be filled)
Salt & Pepper
A little peeled toast
5 potatoes
2-3 tomatoes / juicy or tomato juice
1 dry onion
1 clove of garlic
a little pine nuts

Run the recipe
Wash all vegetables and rice.
Cut the top of the tomatoes / peppers / aubergines that we have to fill in order to open them like a cap.
We take over the inside with a teaspoon without creating any hole. Keep the contents of the tomatoes in a strainer and pour a little salt, will help you later in the squeaking.
Pour with some oil a small pan and place the tomatoes / peppers / aubergines in the pan with the caps upwards.
Prepare the stuffing
Chop the onion and garlic and cook in a saucepan. Add rice, parsley, pine nut and 1 cup of oil. Salt the pepper and holding the strainer over the stuffing and slicing a little tomato.
Carefully fill the tomatoes / peppers / aubergines. Do not fill them upwards because the stuffing will be roasted in the baking process. Fill them so they have enough rice and a little juice to boil the rice. If you do not get the stuffing (depending on the size of the vegetables you have), make a little more by adding some rice / oil or something else you are missing.
Cut the potatoes and put them in the pan.
Add salt & pepper. Add the interior of the 2-3 mature tomatoes (or tomato juice) to the strainer with the rest tomatoes and place them over the baking pan to spread out everywhere.
Bake the food in a preheated oven at 2000 C for about 1 hour.
Shortly before you remove the food, rub over the stuffed food with a bit cheese and toast to the top in order to get dry roasted.

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